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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Only 5 days til Christmas One!

I'm so excited, I could widdle!

Alright- maybe not that excited. But still- I think it'll be pretty darn good... Wide's friends are all really amazing, wonderful people (except for one of them*) and they seem to have untrammelled fun of the sort that is highly contagious. Some of the things that they plan to do are a little confusing to me. For example: Stair Council. What is this? Is it simply, as first appears, a council on the stairs? I hope it's not like a real council meeting. They are exceptionally boring and bureaucratic- not really PARTAY! stylee.

The other reason I am glad about the existence of Christmas One is that, for much of the run up to Christmas 'proper' (ie, the 25th), I will be completely by myself, in my giant, old, creaky, freaky, chilly, drafty, other thingy house. Not good, especially at night (I worry about situations) seeing as the one time that I did hear noises downstairs and call 999, it turned out there was actually someone down there. It is beside the point that 'the intruder' was my cousin O'Fish, who was in fact a colleague of the 12 strong police team who attempted to storm the house about five minutes later (luckily it wasn't a wasted trip as he was able to run upstairs and give back a uniform shirt the sergeant had leant him). The real point is that now, when I hear creaky, clattery noises at night, I have a much harder job convincing myself that it's just the central heating.... I was fine living in a flat- but its very big trying to fill a five bedroomed house all by yourself, unless a passing serial killer conveniently dismembered you- but I really don't like the way that train of thought is heading, so I'll put that back in the box for later, when I've finally switched off the light and persuaded myself that yes, I did lock the back door.

This all told, the invasion of my humble abode by a goodly portion of brilliantly talented, affable, vivacious human beings (not that one I mentioned earlier **) will go a long way towards pulling me back from the brink of nervous insanity. Even if it only lasts a weekend.

Happy nearly Christmas everyone!

[**not a joke. ***]
[***oooo, now I'm just messin' with your mind!]


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