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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Taking it up a Notch

I'll be honest. I've never had to work that hard to be the best thing in a show. I'm not a great cook, I can't kick a football to save my life but stick me on a stage and for some reason I tend to own it. This aptitude is of course balanced out by my numerous and colossal ineptitudes in every other fields of human endeavor. Nevertheless, when it comes to stage craft, I got serious game.

Which was why, on the whole, it was such a surprise that I got blown off the stage by a bunch of middle aged men this evening. I've obviously been on the subs bench too long. My triumphant return to the world of theatre has hit a snag. Namely, the rest of my cast is brilliant, breath-taking, magnificent. Dammit!

So I make a resolution right here and right now, I'm taking this to the next level, I'm going to go out there guns blazing. From now on this warrior poet takes no prisoners. Armed only with a salvo of perfectly crafted bon mots I aim to shang-hai this little play of ours out from under the middle-aged spreads and balding pates. Just you see if I don't.

In other news - I managed to tip a bowl of dirty toilet water over Father Troubadour while attempting to clear up after a kitchen ceiling leakage. He was, it is fair to say, entirely unamused by the incident.


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