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Friday, January 27, 2006

It's all going rather well

I can't decide if people write more when they're happy or sad. Look at Red, she writes when she's stressed, hence the proliferation of posts around dissertation time and now nothing. I write when inspired which is seldom if ever at home. This is no bad thing, my job is so stimulating that when I get back to the flat I just want to have a mug of Fairly-traded cocoa and to sleep. Or carve down digital slopes of binary snow to the sound of Paul Simon & Martha Tilston. Or watch something vaguely amusing on cable.

Favourite shows to be numbed by at the moment:

Wide's Top TV Pics

My Name is Earl - Very funny and stars the awesome Jason Lee who is due a bit of public recognition if you ask me.
Scrubs - The Wizard of Oz episode rocks
Life on Mars - Could go either way but it's better than almost everything on British TV at the moment
Hyperdrive - Not Red Dwarf alas, but probably better than Seasons 7 & 8
Celebrity Big Brother - Joking, I'd rather crush my eyeballs with my own hands

Have started rehearsing for Brideshead Revisited, I'm Sebastian, I have a teddy bear. I'm ever so excited and the group I'm working with have an actual theatre. Thrilling! That was me trying to sound a bit theatrical.

Did it work I wonder?

Little and often, that's the key.



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