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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Fire and Fury! I have eaten smoke from the very mouth of cannons, Sir

Had a great rehearsal today. Lots of energy, lines coming more or less when I needed them to and a very funny scene involving a Mexican stand-off with a pair of flint-lock pistols. I am now very much looking forward to performing and, by jove, it's less than a week before curtain up. Not that we'll have any actual curtains because it's an outdoor performance but hey ho!

What else has been happening? I've got back into contact with some old friends who I used to really enjoy spending time with so that's lovely. Whether we'll actually manage to stay in touch for any appreciable amount of time is a matter of some conjecture but hope springs eternal. I have also received rather a large amount of money from one of my Grandfathers so it looks as though my dream of a shiny new Apple IMac may well become a reality. Goodness, life is good.

Today The Sparrow and Red are throwing a lovely tea party in the garden of Spak's work in Lewes and the weather seems to be gearing up nicely for the occasion. Warm and sunny without being oppressive. I wish I was there but I have a battle to wage come tomorrow morning, fighting my way through the thicket of my store room to ascertain just what I'm going to bring with me to Birmingham. More letters from the front line follow shortly.

PS- Someone bid on Charlie in Ebay. How exciting!


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