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Friday, June 17, 2005

Times they are a Changin'

The more observant amongst you may have noticed that I have been joined on this site by my beautiful (and let's be honest here, frighteningly talented) girlfriend. Yes, that's right - I'm not doing an MA, nor do I have a 'lovely bloke'. I have had letters about this - believe me. If you're in any doubt as to the author, simply look at the last line - I'm Wide-eyed, she's Red. We fight crime.

In other news, things are changing faster than the pants of a compulsive eater at a laxative factory.

Sorry, let's just pause for a second while I wipe that image from my memory.

Right, now where was I? I'll just read back on what I wrote previously ... Christ, I just read it again. I doubt I'll ever get laxative man out of my head now.

Moving on here is a list of changes ...

1. My Grandpoppas moved house today, my childhood environs are being taken away from me piece by piece. Sad to see the old place go but happy to see Poppas so content and in love.

2. This change needs a bit of an explanation - as I neared the end of my third year out of university I was beginning to get the feeling that perhaps I should be doing a little more with my life than cataloguing popular culture and eating my parent’s food. Perhaps, I thought to myself between mouthfuls of doughnut as Yoda gave Count Dooku a sound thrashing on the TV, I should get one of those job things I’d heard so much about from people with money. I mean even my little sister had one and I’d had a two year head start on her. With these thoughts burning like a beacon in my Sci-Fi addled brain, I resolved there and then to do something about it, I would bring the evil Empire to its knees, I would stop the insidious power of the Sith dead in its tracks, I vowed to … then I remembered I wasn’t a Jedi, put the plastic lightsaber down and went to find the Guardian Job pages.

Finding a job isn’t as easy as it sounds, not when you’re looking for a career, something you actually care about, and especially when the job of writing, producing and starring as Dr Who has already been taken (Davies, Eccleston – I’m looking at you). Nevertheless, after months of rejection, aptitude tests, interviews, plastering, call centres and murder mystery parties I finally caught a break- my good friend Mr Colin Kemp only went and e-mailed me the job of my dreams.

To cut a long story short, I applied, was short listed, interviewed and got the job. It was harder work than that sentence implies. So as of 4th July 2005 I will be Christian Aid’s Higher Education Resource Officer. I don’t know what’s cooler – that I get to write for a living (and about something I care about no less) or that that acronym for my position is HERO. Basically I get to help shape, design and write all materials pertaining to Christian Aid’s student outreach programme. It’s my job to enthuse students about key development issues whether that be writing on the Pressureworks website, print based articles or going off to universities and leading workshops. I am over the moon … and moving to Birmingham.

3. I am now no longer going to do the journalism course. Finally I know which road to choose. It has been a scary few weeks.

4. I worked in a call centre for a couple of weeks. I am now no longer doing that either.

5. I have a new theme song.


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