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Thursday, July 14, 2005


What a spiffy old week I am having. After travelling down (technically up, but I can never get it right) to London, I spent a wonderful evening nursing a poorly Wide, who, having spent the previous few evenings loudly declaiming in his inimitable manner, had completely lost the power of speech, and was reduced to a gollum-esque whisper. Dear me. I dosed him up with medication, dumped him in the bath, and burnt dinner, ending up with a beige sauce instead of a white one, but nonetheless, I'm still in the good books!
The next day I had the great pleasure of meeting up with Lard and Shinke for a yummy dinner at wagamamas, where I marvelled at the levels of food colouring in my fish protein bits nestling in my noodles. I'm sure there are some varieties of crab that are neon pink, but they don't tend to retain this attribute when cooked and re-formed. Why is this supposed to make it more appetising, one wonders?
Excitingly, I also got to see the second half of the extended edition of Return of the King... which was great, and, as those of you who know a little of my LOTR obsession may gauge, pant-wettingly exciting. Except for the interminable ending, which was unexpurgated and as incredibly boring as ever. Like an orchestra finishing Mozart's horn concerto by dropping their instruments and blowing limp raspberries at each other.

On Tuesday, I went shopping, and having spent far too much money on other people in the past few weeks, decided to treat myself to a few goodies for Sunday, which, as some of our swelling readership may be aware, is the 1 year anniversary of Wide and I's first meeting. In person. Less on that later. Huzzah! Much fun will be had, I'm sure.

Even better, on Saturday, my excellent younger sister, Floppy, has curtailed her round-the-world jaunt to come back to the roost. I will be steaming up from Brighton to indulge in much storytelling and gossip when she arrives at Heathrow. And also lashings of big hugs.

Must dash, as the lovely S the Snapper has prepared me a super supper of aubergines and other yummy things... which is wafting enticingly in from the kitchen. Mmmmmm.... lucky me!


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