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Sunday, August 28, 2005

oh sweet lord....

I'm amazed I can actually type this, as my fingers are slowly being worn down to stumps with a combination of gnawing and pressing the delete button.
That's right, I've gone over my word count. Damn me and my verbosity.

So, I'm now involved in a 'hatchet job' on my beloved umpteenth draft. This is a highly emotional process... my poor little babies (paragraphs, that is) are being heavily denuded of floral prose. I just hope it still reads like 'me' at the end of all of this.

Ho hum. Three and a bit days to go. Around 1000 words to trim and then replace with a nice watertight (as if that's possible with the level of subjectivity here!) conclusion.

Then I'm out into the 'real world'.

I think that's possibly slightly scarier?


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