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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Are human rights universal?

My mind is a fug of qualitative questions. I’m attacking the problem from too many standpoints, interrogating it down to a tiny nub of philosophical fluff. To begin with, are human rights universal? Well, clearly they’re not. Witness Coca Cola using union bosses’ heads as footballs and four year old workers picking themselves apart making trainers to cushion our heavy Western soles. Clearly, human rights in the modern world are fluid and subject to the laws of economics. But now I’m pulling that old political switcheroo and answering the question I wanted answered. So to start again, from a Christian perspective- why don’t I just throw around some well worn homilies along the lines of God created everyone equal? I could talk about basic human rights like food, water, education; safe things that no-one would question, so that everyone can solemnly nod their heads and forget what I said. But this is what I believe, I believe it’s an abomination that people starve, die and rot in a world that God created with enough resources to easily provide for its citizens. I believe we can argue the semantics of human rights until we’re blue in the face, but in every instance the answer is simple and it’s only pride, apathy or greed that stops us from recognising that. Everyone deserves the right to live and contribute to the richness of our shared existence. End of story.


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