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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Oh What a Lovely Blog

Listening to: Nizlopi - Half these songs are about you - Much more than just singing about big yellow diggers. I'm loving this album - I love the lyrics - part five year old, part literate genius. And they're eclectic and quaintly over-produced like the best groups that cut their teeth doing acoustic gigs. It's like - oh, all these new toys to play with. This one makes me sound like I'm in a big echoey cavern, cool, lets put in an electric string section. Bless and also, kudos.

Had a lovely weekend with Red and although the purpose of this blog is by no means a dry record of events, I feel I must commit to binary that during the course of the last few days we've:

Eaten out at the kind of restaurant that piles the food artfully upwards in a tower with mashed potato as the foundations and long, thin pillars of chive for decoration. (The Green Room)

Watched a cult, piece of theatre where the audience gender ratio is 20:1 against me (The Vagina Monologues)

Spent nearly a whole day in our pyjamas (My Flat)

Been out to a dank, underground pit to hear angry young men strum guitars and teach us cockney rhyming slang (The Barfly)

Breakfasted at a popular coffee shop and lectured the barrista on the importance of buying fairtrade (Starbucks)

Additionally I've:

Spoken in a ridiculous accent for two hours (Brideshead)

Watched a preview of the new Disney film about an alien invasion of anthropomorphic chicken land (Chicken Little)

Come over all Brechtian and sung music hall songs (Oh What a Lovely War)

So there we go. How's everyone else's weekend been?


Anonymous Judas said...

Mine's been no where near as interesting, I have to say. I did absolutely nothing. Was quite nice actually. I did watch the rugby - which was fairly entertaining. But yeah, I'm glad to see someone is making good use of their Saturdays and Sundays!

5:15 pm  
Anonymous Lo said...

i was at the maddison flint collaberation house all week, so my weekend was filled with west wing and ben and jerry's ice cream. was pretty good.
a change of scenery for doing bugger all seemed to awaken my brain a slight amount and you know, figured things out slightly.

good to hear the Nizlopi albums good! was going to get it, might still get it, have low cash income though.

6:49 pm  
Anonymous Micky said...

I went to visit Roehampton Uni today, they have made me a conditional offer on the basis that I get distinction, merit, merit from the course I am doing at the moment. I've hardly done anything today but it feels like I have run a maratho or stayed up all of last night cause I'm so tired. I did have a very nice bottle of ribena juice while at the uni though :)

7:07 pm  

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