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Friday, January 27, 2006

In search of pecuniary fulfilment...

Alright, so it's not just pecuniary fulfilment I'm gunning for...

After a rather long hiatus, I feel obliged to our wonderful readership to update you on the meanderings of my existence. Also, Wide's little prick (or should I say, stab?) has spurred me into action.

Since I finished the grand master-verk in September, I have been variously engaged in going to Venice, snow-assisted light sabre fights, paint spillages and, perhaps most importantly, carving out a niche for myself in the rat race.

Sadly, like a marvellous ice-sculpture, one starts with a glowing, sharp view of one's expectations from a career. And as the competition heats up and the stimulating opportunities grow thin on the ground, there begins a sense of... slippage.
So, I have now broadened my ideal job description from 'creative academic benign-Machiavellian rock star activist' (something like bono, I suppose) to include other ways of making life better. Like policy research. Let's face it, I was always going to end up doing something of that ilk.... and I haven't really got the legs for leather trousers, which are probably necessary to fit the profile of the former career.

So! Its application time... and I am blowing my trumpet so vociferously that I am in danger of running out of metaphorical puff....


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