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Sunday, March 05, 2006


Not to sound overly political or preachy here (which, try as I might, I can rarely avoid) but judging from my experiences over the past few weeks, the world would be a softer, happier place if we made space for differences.
At the moment I am jiggling around on my seat listening to the lastest thing in Arabic pop music- which reminds me of when I used to enjoy a spot of shabi and belledi, (or for people who prefer the term, bellydancing). This is mainly because they've nicked a sample from a traditional gwazie song and cut it into you typical 'long distance lament' love song.
Speaking of bellydancing, this week I took a group of students around Parliament. We arrived in the lobbying chamber just in time for the Speakers Procession- a very formal affair with special metal heels and shiny pockets. I wonder if it gets galling doing it day after day.
The students were very hushed and then started whispering amongst themselves... 'look, over there!' 'Can you see?' ' Is it really them?!'

I was very proud of them: '...yes, isn't it fantastic, the democratic process in action..'

until I realised Shakira 'lucky that my breasts are small and humble' of Laundry Service fame was standing opposite, looking small, sweet and blonde.

Suffice to say she gave everyone big kisses- so I can see how she'd beat the Speaker- don't think you'd catch them doing that.


Blogger urban cowboy said...

there's nothing i'd like more than to fondle those perky little fun-bags.
aah, shakira shakira.

2:05 pm  

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